Upping My Hipster Quotient

September 17, 2010 at 4:40 pm (Clairissa, On the road again...)

3:30 PM I’m now one of “those” people.

I’m sitting at my favorite coffee place, the kiosk at the Upscale Mall. Got the netbook out, typing this. I had grander ambitions, but there’s no wireless to piggyback. I need to download a few things, and am trying not to piss off my neighbors by using theirs.

Coming in from the rain, I crossed paths with Sharon, one of my favorite panhandlers. She’s a tiny thing, a cane-wielding bundle of energy. She always greets me from a block away, “Hi! Hi!…” As I get closer, she approaches. “Can I have a sip of your drink, hon. I’m so thirsty…”

I hand her the fountain drink. “It’s Cherry Coke. Nothing too fun.” I know her preferences lean to the strong stuff.

“Oh, that’s so good. Thank you, honey.” She sneaks a hand under my jacket and around my waist. “Ooh, you’re warm.” And getting warmer. Her snuggling feels good.

I pull back, telling her to keep the drink. Then asked for one more hit. She’d almost killed it.

“I’m just out here trying to panhandle up some groceries. What you doing?”

I figured telling her I was killing time until the paycheck dropped would earn me too much friendship. “Oh, I’m off today. Just bumming around. Looking for fun…”

“Well, good luck, honey.” Her eyes started searching for kind-hearted well-meaning suck- er, souls…

I switched from Cherry Coke to a four-shot mocha cappuccino. Time to find another hot spot. I have a photo program I want to download…

* * *

4:30 PM Almost time for paychecks. Snuck into Whitney’s office at Sweet Potato Mountain to pirate wi-fi and change my desktop. ( I found an old favorite; a bunch of planets photo-shopped in front of the edge of the moon.) I also downloaded Paint.Net, so now I can manipulate images on the fly.

I’ve been trying to connect with Clairissa for weeks now, and just got texted. She’s back in town! I may have something juicy to write about tomorrow after all…

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  1. required said,

    I thought that was you ridin’ that fixie, wearin’ those tight black pants, flippin’ the bird at cars that cut you off lol…

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