This Week’s Theme: Brotherly Love

October 15, 2010 at 2:22 am (The Easy Chair)

I develop fascinations with faraway cities. Though I’ve never been east of Iowa (or Dallas, whichever is further) I’ve always felt an East Coast kinship. I recently spoke of my teenage love affair with New York City, and have been a fan of Baltimore almost as long. My latest crush?

Yo. It’s Philadelphia.

I worked with a girl from Philly a few years back. She still texts me once in a while. She’s a blunt-lovin’ honey who wears splashy-colored clothes that refuse to stay on. One day she called and told me she was coming by for lunch so we could “canoodle in the office.” When I asked if she knew what canoodle meant, she said, “Hang out and talk, right?” When I told her the real definition, she giggled. But she didn’t come by for lunch.

What currently has me fixated on Philadelphia is the baseball playoffs/World Series. I haven’t liked the San Francisco Giants since Bonds retired. (Bobby Bonds.) The Yankees win all the time. I root for Texas because I’ve been to their Ballpark and have fond memories. Philly? I loved them during the John Kruk years. A Rangers/Phillies World Series would leave me conflicted, but that’s what I’d like to see. Therefore, it won’t happen.

So I’m currently reading about Philadelphia on Wikipedia. It’s only 45 miles from New York City? That’s like Salem to Portland! No wonder it’s known for its mullets. It’s known for other, nobler things as well. Can anyone recommend an entertaining book about Ben Franklin?

While dietary restrictions dictate that I avoid Tastykakes, it won’t stop me from having a cheesesteak. That will be Saturday’s dinner. I’ll grub while watching grown men beat each other with baseball bats.

Hopefully they will be playing baseball, yo.

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  1. trombonethrombosis said,

    brotherly love…wink…wink….

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