Do The Cuffs Match The Collar?

February 17, 2011 at 4:20 pm (On the road again...)

Regular readers may have noticed that I’m a dirty-minded goofball. I have used humor as a crutch all my life, deciding early on that I prefer laughter to crying. Sometimes it gets me in trouble. I’ve been pretty well behaved at work, but the juvenile in me has to vent somewhere. Out walking with Rain the other night, I stopped at a paperbox featuring End of Times headlines. I casually slipped a piece of cardboard over the headline.

See You Next Time

Rain asked, “What are you doing?” She looked and read the piece of cardboard aloud.


I loved the look on the nearby hipster couple’s faces as they prayed for a MAX.

I’m glad the weather is turning nice. My omnipresent Kodak Digital Instamatic is on the hunt. I’m always looking at things from a skewed POV, and like it when others do as well.

Tim Tailor, "handy man"

I’m guessing this figurine was made in a more innocent time, but thanks to good old Portland irony it ended up in the window of a men’s shop in a former gay hot spot. I had to double-take as I passed the upscale clothier’s shop the other night, and stopped to snap a picture.

For scale, that is a cuff to the left of “the boys.” It looks stiff.

If I’m ever wealthy, I’m buying a suit there.


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