I Will Faith No More Forever

April 2, 2011 at 6:30 pm (The Easy Chair, Waxing Nostalgic)

It has been a rough week. I have a headache. But enough bitching.

What, not enough bitching? Well, hell’s bells, allow me to continue. But first, a musical interlude…

The last few days have had me reflecting, contemplating my own mortality, and regretting the shortness of others. March has been rough on our family over the years, particularly the last week of March. My mother died then, back in 1983. I’ve covered recent events, and am trying to put them in the back of my mind, just a little bit. The part of me that justifies heavy drinking has been screaming, “Where the fuck are you?!” but I’m not interested in going there. It’s been almost three years without a drink, and I feel just fine. Regarding that, anyway.

I hate it when something becomes a ‘soundtrack to your life’ during a blue period. There are albums that I hear and enter a nose-first dive into depression. Others make my heart jump for joy. (I recently heard White Stripes Elephant and thought of a very special friend. When I told her about it, she came back with equally sweet memories.) Often those albums that bring me down reappear later to become something timely and almost spiritual.

Some songs I HATE upon first hearing that become the anthem of a summer later on? Manfred Mann’s cover of Blinded By The Light comes to mind. The fact that it had the word ‘douche’ (deuce) in it made no difference. It would get stuck in my head and I’d hear it for days. Aughh!! Kid Rock’s Bawitdaba? Same thing. I’d hear the opening, and knock things over trying to get to the radio to stifle.

Another song I had such issues with? Faith No More’s Epic. Here, listen to it and get it over with. From what I understand, that’s how they felt about the song when they *had* to play it live.

Life got better after Epic came out, and I began recalling the time period with a ‘that which doesn’t kill me only makes me stronger’ feel. It got even better when I found out that the song was about masturbation. (I don’t always pay attention to the lyrics.) I have vivid foggy memories of watching this video on MTV on a black and white 12″ television. Which was hooked to a four-way stereo system. The neighbors hated us.

Recently I had a craving to hear Epic, so I consulted my local library, which had Faith No More’s Greatest Hits. I figured it’d be a great formal introduction to the band, since I’ve familiarized with most of Mike Patton’s other works. I have Mr Bungle and Fantomas CDs, and once watched a Faith No More VHS concert video. I remember liking it very much, but not many details other than that.

After a bit of technical skullduggery, I transferred FNM’s GHs to my MP3 player. The first song, We Care A Lot, was a catchy little ditty that had me toe-tapping like Larry Craig after Taco Bell. I heard Epic, the whole point of getting the album, and discovered like with most quality musicians, it’s not always the best songs that make it to the radio.

As the week went by, I worked, played when not working, and did my usual amount of extended travel via city bus and MAX. Not wanting to hear the chatter of others, I got lost in the new album. Why in the hell did I wait so long to investigate this band? Faith No More in total reminded me of a delicious mash-up of Rush and NIN, with a Toolish sense of humor. Watching the videos brought out the clown in me, and I found support in unusual places. A new Twitter personality named Scary Clown got me laughing at the damnedest times, and the misfortune of other employees delighted me in atypical ways.

So, even though at times it seems like the world is coming to an end, I still have a sense of humor. Of all the new Faith No More songs I’ve heard recently, this one has been getting the most replays. It sounds best at thunderclap volume.

If you see a crazy redhead hiding behind mirrored sunglasses, bopping to what seems an imaginary beat, that’d be me. Odd maniacal laughter included, free of charge.

Clowny daggers!


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