My Immoral Support Group

May 1, 2011 at 11:37 am (The Easy Chair)

Man, I’m glad that month is over.

April 2011 sucked to high heaven, and will not be missed. The sunny springiness of May has arrived, if only for a day. I’ll take it.

I’ve been down lately, for good reason. However, life does go on for those of us left, and wallowing in sadness does nobody good. I’m trying to get with the program. Laughter is coming naturally, albeit not at the machine-gun rate typical to my brain. I’ll get there…

I want to thank those who have been supportive, have sent their love via comments and private communication. A hat-tip to Jeff back east, who reminds me that New Jersey is more than Trump and the Snooki/Situation. Dr T and Art East, who listened when I wanted to talk, and left me alone when I needed it.

Thank you, Meg, for giving me a port in the storm. You are a true friend.

To those worried about alcohol consumption? My last drink happened Saturday night, April 23, 2011 about 11:30 PM at Rialto. I had a shot and a beer. I neither miss it or crave it. It had to be done, and now I’m okay. But feel free to keep an eye on me anyway.

Seems as good a day as any to get a fresh start on summer.

And life.


  1. Oral_Roberts said,

    Did somebody say my name?

  2. Oral_Roberts said,

    Oh, you said Immoral, not Oral. Sorry.

  3. Oral_Roberts said,

    Because I’m not Immoral you know. I have found salvation. The Lord has my back.

  4. Oral_Roberts said,

    No really. The Lord has my back.
    “How’s it goin’ back there Jesus”?

  5. ThornHats4Less said,


  6. Oral_Roberts said,

    “Can I get an Amen”?!?

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