Re-entry To The Real World

August 21, 2011 at 11:17 am (Cussed Dumbers)

The phone rang at promptly 9:15 AM, the library calling to announce something to pick up. Though we’ve tried, we cannot figure out how to stop the auto-calls. It’s not a big deal, but I’d just gotten back to sleep.

I crossed the hallway to the bathroom, and discovered a present left by one of the cats. Since they like sleeping in front of my bedroom door, they must figure it’s polite to kitty-barf in front of the bathroom door.

Happy Sunday morning!

It’s Monday in my world. While I had an okay weekend, two separated days off don’t leave much room for rejuvenation. Had a ball Thursday, running around with Meg and seeing Clairissa. Had a date for a brief visit with Clairissa yesterday, but chose to raincheck until a quieter time. She’s never not busy, but some days are better than others. Today she is “doing arts and crafts, then off to the nude beach with the homos.” (I’m gonna let her take this trip alone.) I will think of her as I ride the bus to the land of toil and noses-to-grindstones. I’m sure she’ll have stories to share, as will I. I’ve been trying not to obsess over her, but it’s been difficult. Our bond has tightened since my birthday, and I’m having the time of my life, but I have to be careful. Warp shields are in place, but she’s still close to my heart. A few days focusing on other things would be good for me.

The workplace has been full of drama lately. Master P has been doing employee evaluations, and it has been cause for much backbiting, turmoil and uproar. The funny thing, Master P is fine with everybody. However, some folks, feeling guilty about whatever, have built up Perry Mason-like defenses and have been stockpiling reams of dirt on fellow employees. They go in for their evaluation, leave a minute later with a “That’s all?” look on their faces, and then there’s the aftertaste of all the venom they have spewed while waiting for their big moment.

It’s cool. One less person I have to listen to as they dribble on with their cockamamie conspiracy theories.

Another thing that chaps my hide, but only a little? I have to start taking unpaid lunch hours again. It’s not the end of the world, and it’s happening while the weather is still nice, but it’s an hour I will never get back. I leave, get out of work mode, then have to come back and be a hard-on. The undesirables know when lunchtime is, and know the interim cashier cares only about getting his/her hour done and getting on to the next place. Thieves swarm the place when no one pays attention.

I love how after a while they get used to me taking lunches, then when I don’t? They get halfway in the door, their jaw drops, and they turn to leave. HAW-ha! I don’t get unpaid lunch, you don’t get unpaid-for lunch!

Wish the boss could see how that works…

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