Ode to Summer

September 23, 2011 at 11:11 am (Sweet sticky things, The Easy Chair)

And so it goes away.

Every year the world is reborn. It births, blossoms, fades, and passes on. My favorite seasons have always been spring and fall. I tend not to prefer peak seasons; instead enjoying the rise and descent to extreme weather.

I have now experienced fifty summers. I’ve had three or four that stick out as memorable.

This was one of those summers.

While I didn’t do a lot of crazy vacation-type stuff, I had incredible amounts of fun at home. (Or near to home.)The previous year or so had brought lots of personal heartache, due to unexpected loss of family members and challenging relationships. However, a long-time friend with shoulders of granite was there to listen, provide hugs and make me smile. Her ongoing presence made the summer not only endurable, but memorable.

Now the leaves change. The sun goes away earlier every night. The world takes on a burnished orange hue. And my friend? Her hair now matches the foliage, though her smile outshines the sun.

We’re getting back to the Portland, Oregon atmosphere I adore.

Let it rain.

I won’t melt.

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