The Monkey and The Clown

October 14, 2011 at 11:11 am (On the road again...)

Seeing an abandoned van in front of a toy store can inspire uneasy thoughts. When I saw this van by O’Bryant Square, my heart did a back-flip.

Long before Trunk Monkey, there was Extremo the Clown and his trusty pet. I’m not sure what the monkey’s name is, but he’s a frisky one. A long time ago, in a neighborhood not so far away, the Extremo-mobile passed Mizelle and I as we walked. She waved hi, and The Monkey popped up. He did one of two things monkeys are famous for doing in front of pretty girls, and it wasn’t flinging poo.

She was flattered.

So, of course, I had to say hello to The Monkey and The Clown. The Extremo-Van was parked in front of the new Finnegan’s Toy Store. The van door was open, but The Monkey and The Clown were nowhere to be seen. A nice man named Scott was painting Finnegan’s windows. “Hi, I was looking for The Monkey?”

“He’s taking a nap.”

I know better than to wake a napping Monkey, so I moved along. It was nice to see Extremo’s van in the neighborhood, and nice to see Finnegan’s Toys back open for business.

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