Easily Distracted

December 4, 2011 at 1:25 pm (The Easy Chair)

I had every intention of expounding at length here today. I’ve been stockpiling stories in my head. I have mirth-filled anecdotes I wanted to share. BUT…

After eleven straight work days, there just wasn’t enough time in the weekend to get to everything.

I awoke with the plan to bitch about protesters again. (Could still happen.) I intended to share my evening with Meg, attending the BB King concert. Instead, here’s a picture. (BB King is the glowing spot that resembles the specter of a camel in the middle of the stage. He’s already an angel…) It was a wonderful night, though not as wild as most of my concert experiences. I did not smell the scent of marijuana once. Present company included.

I spent the weekend chasing girls. I caught Meg, because she sprained her ankle doing laundry at 4 AM after drinking half a bottle of rum. We were supposed to go to Clairissa’s for a haircut. Instead, I sat and watched her drink beer while we channel-surfed and cuddled. We couldn’t make it to Clairissa’s, but I finally heard from her. She’s been a busy girl, doing yard and construction work. We will try again next weekend to get Meg’s hair cut. I’ve missed Clairissa so, and it made my heart soar to receive text messages about fisting and blowjobs from a hot girl while moseying down SW Broadway on a Saturday afternoon. It didn’t take long to rekindle our X-rated repertoire.

I was supposed to hook up with Rain. We’d made a date for grown-up time, but things kept popping up. (And not in a good way.) When I called to let her know I was coming by, I got an earful about how life in general sucked and this asshole and that motherfucker and-

“I think I’ll catch up with you during lunch next week.” I texted to avoid arguing. “I’m feeling upbeat and restless. Will catch you another time.” I hopped a trolley to northwest. Will have a puff and walk amongst the snooties.

Rain texted me right back. “I AM NOT MAD AT YOU. Just mad. Go to the store and fetch me a beer? And come over? Please? I have a tooth axle. It’s not you.”

Tooth axle? I blame auto-correct. But I had to die a little inside. I *so* wanted to make a motormouth joke…

So I texted Clairissa: “Felching Rain a beer, then what I don’t know. Wish I could have seen you today.”

Clairissa: “You’re felching?”

Me: “That was supposed to be fetching. (blush)”

Clairissa: “Neither would surprise me. You ARE a pervert.”

Me: “Aw, thanks for the sweet compliment!”

This morning, as I sat down to type, I was messaged by a cousin on social media, and we spent a couple hours shooting the breeze via chat-box. The internet has done more for family relations than anything I can think of. I learned things that help me understand why things were the way they were, back in the day. Sorry to be cryptic, but some sleeping dogs are best left sleeping.

And these old dogs know how to take a nap.

Back to work…

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