My Gumar(s)…

March 18, 2012 at 11:05 am (Cosmic Encounters, Sweet sticky things)

As we headed to the grocery store, I paused in front of a nearby Quik-E-Mart. “I wanna go inside for a minute.”

Meg followed me. “What are you getting here?”

“Oh, I don’t know…” in a playing-dumb voice. I whispered, “How much is your rent again?”

She grinned ear-to-ear as I winked. She whispered back, and I purchased a money order. I handed it to her. “You are now a kept woman.”

“Why, thank you!” She tucked it away.

It’s official. Meg is my mistress.

The relationship situation has been playing out in my favor for a while now. Meg has been my close friend for a couple years and as we’ve become more intimate, so has our relationship. She’s not ready to write off The Marshal forever, and I like dropping in on Rain once in a while. It doesn’t mean we can’t be BF/GF when we’re together. We make a comfortable team.

I need to have a talk with Rain. She knows something’s up. I’m not constantly at her door. I can’t be found at lunch time. Meg, however, seems to enjoy the fact that I’m sneaking around on Rain. I’m not sneaking around! I haven’t updated Rain on my relationship status. Meg and I were platonic when I last talked with Rain about her. My Now-Somewhat-Significant-Other allows, if not approves, my visits to Rain.

I want to keep it that way.

And I don’t want to hurt Rain. She has her own thing going on, we’ve never committed to anything other than friendship. Our relationship is and has been based on sex, so Meg seems to think Rain taking some of the hits will keep my horn-dog ass in line. I can live with this kind of open-mindedness. I’m no longer jealous of The Marshal, and if Rain meets someone that can take her away to the princess lifestyle she could wear so well? I would miss her, but I would wish her the best as I kissed her goodbye.

Today, Rain needs $5 to finish her laundry. I will bring her $10 and a copy of the Sunday paper.

I have three hours until work time. ReadysetGO!

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