When Love Comes To Town

July 7, 2013 at 11:48 am (Sweet sticky things)

How thoughtless of me. I post a teaser month ago about hot new girl coming to work, and then you get nothing? What a blog-tease I am. So sorry.

Hawthorne Bridge eastI wish I had time to make up for it now, but elaborate updates will have to wait. I have a beautiful woman sleeping three feet away, oblivious to my keyboard clacking. Attempts to awaken her have been futile. It may be time to “take the next step in our relationship” and just leave her snoozin’ ass at home.

Yeah, at home. Rain has been pretty much living with me for the past couple weeks. Despite my concerns, we have had few tense moments, and have been learning a lot about each other. And despite my best intentions, I’m falling in love with her. Again. Fuck. My eyes are open, but my heart is giving me fits. We had a talk the other day, putting everything in perspective, and now I’m more conflicted than ever. Ain’t love grand?

There has been turmoil in Meg’s world. She and The Marshal have apparently called it quits for real this time. You might think this is good for me? Nah. I have been put on the back burner. She has discovered a Native American neighbor with a weed card who is getting divorced and doesn’t have to leave at 11 PM. Yep. Back burner on simmer. I am welcome to visit, we are still friends, but I am in the background while she checks out the new guy. Welcome to my world, John Redcorn.

It ain’t all heartbreak and psoriasis. I work ONE HOUR a week with Angel. (She gives me lunch, heh.) When she arrived and I put on my jacket? “Where the fuck you think you’re going?” I guess when she gives me lunch I am expected to stick around. Okay! The rubbing up against me when I show her till tricks? O…M…G… The restraint shown when my hand is three inches from the hem of her mini-skirt? AMAZING! (It’s been hot. I bet there isn’t a lot of fabric under there. But I AM ONLY GUESSING, Sexual Harassment Panda…) Professionally speaking, she is a great worker with an amazing personality, and I love having her on our team. Still, I am keeping my hands and mouth to myself. Angel? Your move.

One other bit of news. A certain someone from my past will be coming back to Portland, or so I was told a week or two ago. Mizelle has been rehired by the airlines, and will be flying out of PDX again. I’ve been having a string of ‘Oh Happy Day’s lately. This was the cherry atop the sweet cake that is my life.

Rain is in a coma. If the house is gone when I get back? I will chalk it up to experience. But I have a feeling the only thing missing will be some chocolate chip cookies I’m too lazy to hide. Oh and dirt. She will probably clean something. I guess that’s okay…

Lord, give me strenf. Imma need it.


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