Wednesdays with Angel

January 29, 2014 at 12:14 pm (One Particular Angel, Sweet sticky things)

4th ave night“Hows ya day goin?” Angel’s texts are full-on ebonics. I cherished the first text-messaged “Where you at?” from her. It’s still on that phone I quit using in 2009.

I was surprised to hear from her. She said we should talk, but we haven’t. Because she’s nice, she is checking up on me. Aww. “I’m okay. Gearing up to do night lunches.”

I didn’t want to tell her I’d spent the whole weekend riding the bus, getting high as hell and listening to music, all the while thinking, planning, fantasizing about her.

“Thank u for bein u. Ur the sweetest.”

Well, now. All of a sudden Mister Chipper is back in town!

I went forth on my rounds, sending random thoughts and sharing funny moments only a co-worker or co-conspirator would appreciate. Angel hid a bag of hot chocolate in my private locker area months ago, and I’ve joked about it numerous times.

I pulled out my phone and began typing, “I could resist no longer, the temptation was too great. I had to taste your cocoa. Got all into it, in fact. So sorry. But DAMN TASTY!”

“Lolol. Happy sippin, mister.”


“Laying in bed, spending last minutes of my weekend.”

I slept well, awoke early. Smoked the half-joint I’d passed out on, and crawled back into bed. As I lay there, thinking about Angel, I pulled out the phone.

“I wish you were here, with your head on my shoulder. In a way, it feels like you are. Have a great day off, hon. Buzz if you need anything.”

She buzzed right back. “Aww smiles. I sure will. Haven’t moved all day, just watching movies. How r u?”

“Okay. Daughter had tonsils out, on way home already. It took like four hours. Technology. Well, I gotta start moving soon. But hey! I still got some Wednesday with you!” Wednesdays Angel would give me lunch. I wouldn’t go anywhere, just clock out and sit with her. That stopped months ago.

“When & where r u moving?”

“My ass outta bed and to work.” She’s been contemplating a move for months. I can see how it’d be on her mind.

“Oh. LOL. DUD. I mean duh.”

I shot right back, “If I were relocating residence, we might be having a whole other level of discussion. I’m trying not to come on too strong. 🙂 See, I’ve found that I like you a LOT! I ain’t going anywhere. I like being your friend. Use me like Kleenex. I’m okay with that!”

“Well, I like you too. Thousands.”

And that, my friends, is why I have a big dumb grin on my face today.

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