Bullies for Jesus

November 9, 2014 at 12:50 pm (On the road again...)

“Hi! I’d like to talk to you about Jesus.”

I was waiting to board the MAX at Pioneer Square. “No thanks, not interested.”

He was a young man, maybe thirty years old. Scruffy but not unkempt. “How can you not be interested in the bible?”

“Easy. Watch me.” I turned away.

“Have you ever read the bible?”

“Yes, I was raised a Jehovah’s Witness. Leave me alone.”

“WOW! Is that how they raise Jehovah’s Witnesses, to be rude?” He squared around on me, like we were going to fight.

“Well, what part of leave me the fuck alone don’t you understand?”

“I can’t believe you would be so rude to someone sharing the gospel of Jesus!”

“I’m not being rude, I simply don’t have anything to say to you, and there’s nothing you can say to me that I want to hear. Now GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME!” My voice was loud enough that others looked. I boarded the train, hoping he would follow. Suddenly I was ready to beat his ass in the name of Jesus.

He walked away, judging me with his shaking head and sanctimonious grin.

Jesus will bitch-slap that grin off his face when it’s time. And I was ready to expedite their meeting…



  1. Hutz said,

    I know the guy you are talking about. Me and the gf are downtown all the time and more than once she has convinced me not to kick his ass. . .

  2. Mr. Slave said,

    Jeeethuth Chry-thh!

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