God Isn’t Making Any More

January 5, 2015 at 12:34 pm (Sweet sticky things, That's not funny...)

It was the hardest thing I’ve had to do in ages.

I’ve been trying to get Rain to come get her clothes/possessions for over a month now. Delays were expected, but at the first of the month, when she has money for about three days, I was hopeful. I began making plans.

My first day off was New Year’s Day. I was available, but figured she’d be busy her first day with money. (“There’s so much shopping to do.”) We made plans, but I wasn’t surprised when she left me waiting at the bus stop for an hour. We’ll try again tomorrow.

Friday, we made contact, made plans for early evening. Again, I went to meet her, to escort her to the house, but “something came up” and it was a no-go. That’s all right, I had food at home and was up for a quiet night.

Saturday? She’d texted me during the night, saying she was coming on the last bus, but by Saturday morning she hadn’t shown. By Saturday afternoon we were conversing, and she’d be on her way in a while.

By Saturday night, I was tired of waiting. One of the things we fought most about was her ability to waste my time. I make plans during specific times so I can get things done in an orderly fashion, as I assume most people do. This doesn’t work with Rain, who says “I don’t make plans, I follow God’s plan.” Well, God isn’t making any more time, and I hold mine precious. DO NOT WASTE MY TIME.

I’d spent Saturday waiting, and was done. Sunday was mine! I would watch football, sleep too much, and do what *I* wanted.

Around midnight, Rain called. “You hear that? I’m on the bus, headed your way. Have you ate yet?”

“Yes,” I said. “I’ve ate and gone to bed. Sorry I missed you.” At this point I wasn’t really sorry, though.

“What does that mean? Do you want me to turn around and go back?”

“Well, I been waiting three days for you to show up, I got tired and went to bed. Maybe we can try again tomorrow?” I said it nice as pie.

“I, uh- Fuck! Well, bye!”

I hung up on her.

We haven’t talked since. I might call her in a few days, to let her know her stuff is going into the driveway if she doesn’t come soon. After a day in the driveway? There’s a donation bin around the corner, about to get some nice, cheap ladies clothes…


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