Is Marijuana Addictive?

September 23, 2015 at 1:18 pm (Cosmic Encounters)

Growing up,  all drugs were bad.

Not aspirin or penicillin. You know what I’m talking about. Drugs…. That stuff you shoot up, or snort. Or in my case, smoke. Yes, weed was as evil as heroin at our house, because it was drugs.

Of course, over time my views changed. Like when I turned fourteen and puberty happened before Armageddon. I began experimenting with the more colorful of the drugs. LSD, mushrooms,  a lot of three-lettered concoctions. (DMT, MDA, PCP.) But my rule was to always keep my pinky toe on the ground, and follow the sage advice of Bugs Bunny. “There’s nothing wrong with sharing a nice healthy carrot before a show, but stay away from hard drugs like heroin and downers. ” I’ve managed to do pretty well at that.

But I done got old. Stuff hurts, and while Advil is great for muscular aches and pains, it does nothing for the pain in my soul. Alcohol makes things worse, and I have not been a believer of happiness in a handful of pills. What to do?

I discovered medibles and medicated vitamin water,  and have consumed them almost daily since I got my “green card”. After a couple years I wondered if I was addicted. The old saying, “I can quit any time I want to, I just don’t want to. ” Applies in spades.

The other side of addiction, is it causing problems in other areas of life? Other than affording the shit, there have been minimal side-effects. In fact, my work has probably never been better. I actually enjoy my job when properly medicated.

Wanting to see what would happen, I avoided medibles,  but there was the whole pain pill thing to consider. I discovered early on that medibles mix GREAT with opiates. I know opiates are addictive,  so I must be careful.

Mixing the two feels like being drunk, but you can think somewhat clearly. I feel more compassionate toward my fellow man. I walk my ass off, because moving around feels good. I was having a hard time finding negatives.

So, for shits and Giggles, I went a few days without medibles. Holla,  Crankiness! Fuck you and the whores you rode in on, fellow man! I won’t even begin to describe my contempt for the tweakers and Dirt Urchins.

So when a buddy came by and offered me a couple oxy 5s, I gobbled them right at the counter. Half-hour later I was dusting and tidying like Alice from The Brady Bunch. And saying hello instead of grunting at people.

Was it the weed, or the opiates? I may do some more research,  since the vitamin water well has temporarily gone dry. But I am keeping a couple happy pills nearby, just in case.

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