Make It A Double!

October 11, 2015 at 11:04 am (Cussed Dumbers)

Ah, lovely Sunday morning. Spent most of the night curled up next to my lovely girlfriend. We went out for Saturday night dinner. I spared no expense, we dined IN at the Taco Bell on 50th & Powell, and I bought a 12-pack! I ordered incorrectly, so we didn’t get to try the Dorito-flavored tacos, which was my intention. Oh well. Rain was okay with that, and it was more of an event than usual for us on a Saturday night.

"Do it for the guys?"

“Do it for the guys?”

Saturday started with a four-hour work shift. I’d just finished my week, but folks quit, and it was payday, so we were short-staffed to the extreme. Southie was stuck working the day shift at the Nightclub Store. This cuts deep into his college football-watching time, and a crabby manager is less than optimal, so I offered to cover for a few hours. As long as the night guy shows up.

I’m not coming in at noon, straight out of bed, to work until midnight. Who’s coming in? Festus? Cool. He will show.

But wait, Festus has to open the Mothership at 5 AM Sunday. Double-you tee fuck?

I texted him a minute ago, asking who I was relieving? I’m working the Waterfront next three days. Rumpole? I can show up as early as I want, and he will be gone in ten minutes. Perfect. Rumpole doesn’t even say goodbye. He’s not Irish, but he disappears without a word.

I asked Festus how he was doing? “I am so tired. Giggles came in at very last minute.”

Festus has made his bones, no doubt about it. Like a good little doggie, he comes when he is called. He’s finally earning some respect from the upper crust, who seemed to think we were having a big party whenever we worked together. I guess if you call perfecting loss control techniques, crowd management, outdoor perimeter checks and occasional thumpings of thieves to be a party? I’ll bring the funny hats.

I am impressed that since he has been on shift, 2:45 PM yesterday, Oggie has been arrested and released twice. In fact, when I stopped at the Junkie McDonald’s on 6th to use the bathroom, Oggie held the door open for me as I left. (He’d made it about eight blocks since release from jail.) “Why, thank you!” I said in a most jovial voice. The irony of HIM helping ME out of an establishment made me smile.

He asked if I had a cigarette, since I was so friendly?

“FUCK NO!” I left him with a perplexed look. Guess Imma have to hit him again. He still doesn’t remember the Hair.

And Festus will be off work in two hours and forty-five minutes. I hope no one bitches if he leaves early.

1 Comment

  1. Festus said,

    I so wanted to see Oggie. Southie says I will go to hell for taking pleasure out of hurting shit birds. LETS GO!!!!!

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