The Pearl Invasion

November 27, 2015 at 7:20 am (On the road again..., Sweet sticky things)

Ready for some grits in your gravy? The Pearl Invasion has begun.

Happy Holidays. Really.

Happy Holidays. Really.

Within the past month, both Rain and Dr T have moved from Southeast Portland to the swanky Pearl District. Rain moved into a refurbished apartment in Slabtown, and Dr T was relocated after his old neighborhood evicted everyone blue-collar and replaced single houses with apartments, condos and mixed-use buildings. Attempting to create a bunch of mini-Pearls, if you will.


It sucks when friends are down and out. You do what you can to help, sometimes you wonder if they can be helped. But tides turn, and things do get better. I have two shining examples.

First, Dr T. Instrumental in my obtaining my current employment of ten-plus years, the good Dr has been a friend, confidante, and occasional source of worry. I won’t expound upon the details, but suffice to say Dr T’s life was on a downer during the early years of our friendship. He’s managed to plug along, get some health issues corrected, reconnect with some long-lost kin and, gasp, hook up with a lass twenty years his seniorJUNIOR. Their makeout sessions in the park are becoming the stuff of legends, and if you come upon them alone in a corner, it’s best to cough a little, announcing your presence. They seem preoccupied.

Dr T had lived near Rain and I, on the same bus line, yet I saw him ‘in the wild’ only once or twice. Since Rain moved to The Pearl, I have seen Dr T out on the street three times. (Not bad since last Monday.) He’s getting out and about. You can tell he’s lost weight, and to see him walking with a purpose is a sight to behold. Not that long ago he was tugging along an oxygen tank and stopping every half block to rest. Nowadays he might be able to take me in a short-sprint walk-off. Ditching Camels for humping has worked miracles!

And now, to Rain. Yes, it’s November and she’s moved out. Again. This time it’s different. Instead of crashing at the shelters, or moving into an apartment with friends who turn out not to have a lease, (oopsie) Rain now has an honest to God apartment in her own name. (I was there for the early part of the signing.) As soon as the ink was dry and I knew she’d be home, I filled a shopping cart and MAXed it to her new place. It took four hours round trip, factoring in rush hour, packing, unpacking and the fucking streetcar, which I can outwalk every time except when trying to catch the goddamned thing. If I hurry, I can dump the cart, take a leak and scurry to the trolley stop before it returns from Rodeo Drive, I mean 23rd.

It’s a cozy place, a studio with a view of a concrete wall. No peeping toms here. She needs a TV, bad. Next week her furniture will arrive, and as soon as there is a bed, well, I may be spending time in a swankier zip code.

I *do* know taking the streetcar through the Pearl is a lot different than riding the MAX from Gresham. In the Pearl, you get dirty looks if you have a shopping cart…



  1. redundant redundancy said,

    cool, they put pretty red flowers by the public bidet, how charming 🙂

    • beastard said,

      Mall Santa has to warsh his bells somewhere.

      • redundant redundancy over & over again said,

        Ohhhh, so thaaat’s why they jingle…

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