I Stand Corrected!

November 29, 2015 at 12:00 pm (The Easy Chair)

Not that young...

Not that young…

After 54 years, it has happened. I have made an error, a mistake. Stop the presses!

Okay, let the presses roll again. Let’s undo what we have done.

In the previous post, I mentioned Dr T’s new squeeze. In the process I mistakenly gave her age as twenty years his senior. Oopsie! That should be ‘junior,’as in sweet young thang he’s occupying dark corners and park benches with. Since Dr T is of an age where they now pay you to stay alive, (aka Social Security) a lass twenty years his senior would be the age of Barbara Stanwyck or Doris Day. Remember Loverboy? “She’s my grayest lady; My lady will be eighty!”

The New Girl is hardly that. The good Dr has confided that she’s his ideal body type, and they are like a pair of teenagers when together. (“It’s getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes…”) They are a charming couple, and I am so happy they have found each other.

So, no, Dr T isn’t out banging octogenarians. (“A whole new wrinkle!”) He’s chasing the firm flesh of the young. As my dearly departed bro-in-law used to say, “Bite her in the ass, pray for lockjaw, and hope she drags you to death.”

It would not be out of character for Dr T to point at a lovely lass and say, “Check out the gorgeous gams on that one!”

If he were dating 80-year-olds? “Hey, check out the gums on that one!”


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