Merry Xmas, Dahlinks

December 25, 2016 at 12:25 pm (The Easy Chair)


I was the first awake in the house. I skipped shaving. It’s Christmas and Sunday, for Chrissakes. Besides, I am on a mission.

I scooped up socks, stripped my bed. Stuffed an energy drink and fresh trash liner into the duffel bag, and loaded it into the granny cart.

Off to the light rail and the laundromat. Laundry is two weeks overdue, and strangers thinking I’m homeless are offering me blankets.

Laundry is my zen time. (Well, one of them. I try to have a lot of zen time in my life.) I go hoping no one else will be there, to enjoy the sound of nothing but the machines whirring. Hopefully my mind takes me to happy places. There hasn’t been a lot of that lately. I’m in a state of transition. Just not sure where I’m going.

Southeast Portland is beautiful this Christmas day. Fluffy cotton-ball clouds play peekaboo with the sun. Seems like forever since I’ve seen the pale blue sky. I know the sun has been out. Just not for me.

As I walked, I pondered my age, mine and my loved ones’ mortality, and how when I last felt this way, I was fourteen and on the verge of Armageddon. Now I’m in the best shape of my life; I could conceivably last another forty years. Subtract childhood, that leaves me at about halftime. Or early third quarter at least!

Ladies and gentlemen, that is optimism at work.

Barely any signs of life as I walked along the bike path leading to the MAX. I remember in the early ’80s being able to wander NW Portland and rarely see a soul. This day is like that. Everyone is home preparing to celebrate the excesses of the holiday season.

I’m sharing Xmas morning with an Asian woman in high-riding gym shorts, who is doing stretches across the room from me. Since my focus is flying out the window I will bid adieu, doo doo!

Merry Xmas and happy hangover, may the farts be with you, and all those other holiday things I never seem to get quite right. Bon jovi!

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