Welcome Mat

April 1, 2022 at 12:09 pm (Sweet sticky things, The Easy Chair)

Say hello to my doormat.

Feral cats have been visiting us since we moved in twenty years ago. Some have stayed, most have moved on. The past few months, four special ferals have spent time in the back yard. A tom, two older mama-types, and the above-shown calico.

We call her Prego Lego. Because she looks like pieces of ten cats we’ve had trucking through the back yard.

Friendlier and more indoor-curious than the others, I had a feeling there might be a special bond when she walked up to me and announced in a Granny Clampett-like meow/roar that she was coming aboard. OOMPH! Ton o’ Mama Cat landing in my lap.

I was allowed to be her chair. I tried petting her, but that met with disapproval. She rubbed her forehead against my knuckles, and hopped down. Sister, standing by the back door, held out a pan of cat food, and she went right into the house.

Cat-napping success!

Sister had put together a large dog crate with blankets, food, water and all the other kitty hotel amenities, hoping to make an expectant mother less grouchy. New Cat was quite vocal about her disapproval of everything, but she seemed to be enjoying her new rule-the-roost position. Luna the dog and Trixie the old cat have no issues with her. They don’t even get offended when she hisses at them. Having never littered, dog and cat are probably grateful Lego is providing the new kittens.

Lego has calmed down considerably. It’s been a week now, and she seems to feel at home. She sits in front of my bedroom door when I’m home.

Is it because she likes me, or is there a warm draft coming through? The next hiss will be my clue.

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