Red Hot Topless Lesbo Haircuts!!

October 3, 2008 at 2:30 am (Clairissa, Sweet sticky things, The Easy Chair) (, , )

I’ve always been the jealous, protective type. Not crazy stalker stuff; I think it’s more of an insecurity issue. I’ve always worried about the women I’ve grown fond of, felt it was my manly duty to make sure no harm comes their way. I’m also possessive. If I’ve got a good thing going, I don’t want to share. (Daddy always said, “Never loan out your wife or your car.” I listened.) So when the future mother of my children asked me for a favor, I was conflicted. I love her, want the best for her, but respect her freedom and trust her judgment.

Something I’ve been getting for a long time is now available to the public.

But it’s gonna cost ya…

Long-time readers are familiar with my barber Clairissa. I met her about five years ago, and we’ve become the best of friends. She opened her hair salon the day I started this blog. She’s been the perfect wing-man; a loyal companion, fantastic drinking buddy, confidante. (If she weren’t a thousand percent lesbian I’d have proposed years ago.) While she doesn’t spend a lot of time in the company of heterosexual men, she’s made room for me in her life, and it’s been a blessing.

I quit writing about her so much a while back, afraid my lecherous drooling would bring the wrong type of attention. I didn’t want every guy in the world to think that just because *I* got an eyefull of bodacious boobage with my haircuts, he would too. While I’ve never doubted her ability to take care of herself, I didn’t want to facilitate any trouble. Guys can get pretty stupid when breasts are involved, and I’d die if anything happened to her.

So when I got a text message stating, “Topless haircuts! $100. Spread the word!”  I responded, “Damn. I’d better start saving, huh?”

I had to make a phone call. “That’s like half a year’s haircut budget! You realize I cannot stay away that long? My hair grows too slow as it is!”

Allaying my trepidations, she explained. “It’s simple, really. I cut their hair without a shirt on. I lock the doors, pull the curtains, handcuff them to the chair and have my way with them. I’ll have security in the other room, just in case.”

She described security to me. She won’t have any problems.

“I can do themes. It won’t just be a boobs-on-the-shoulder, nipple-in-the-ear buzz cut like you get.” (Hey, I like those kind of haircuts!) “There’ll be no happy endings, sorry to say. But they’ll be leaving mighty horny!…”

Which is why she’s encouraging couples. Bring your man in and let her warm him up for you. Ladies? During October, your topless haircuts are half off. (The shirt? Completely off!) Trust me guys. You won’t get anywhere with Clairissa, so make plans for afterward.

Did I mention you’ll get a haircut? (Sorry, got caught up in all that boob imagery.) She’s a decent barber, and a wiz with color. She’s also a great listener. She knows more about me than most people do.

If a steamy hot haircut with a touch of BDSM and a whole lotta skin sounds like fun, give her a call to get the details.

Hot Box Salon
(503) 287-7071

If enough people do this, maybe I’ll get comped one. If not, I’ll be happy with my boobs-on-the-shoulder, nipple-in-the-ear buzz cut. Since I’m promoting this for her, I’ve been given permission to post pictures. Since her internet is down right now, I figure I can take,oh, maybe 200-300 more pictures of her in various provocative poses before she realizes I’ve already posted my favorite picture of her.

Hey, if I’m gonna share, might as well share the best!


  1. Jeff said,

    Book me on the first flight back to “Stumptown”!
    I just wish my airline had a non-stop route.
    Atlantic City-PDX

  2. gee-no said,

    There is going to be a lot more than ‘hair’ being teased here.

    /* long cold shower, bags of ice, photos of elderly people sunbathing….
    /* much better now.

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